M. Crescimanno, Department of Physics and Astronomy,
Youngstown State University, Youngstown, OH. 44555
330 941 7109 (office) or 330 941 3121 (Fax) Schedule
e-mail : dcphtn -aat- gmail.com

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PHYS 2610: General Physics

PHYS 5811: Quantum II

PHYS 5850: Gravity and Curvature

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Mike' s current research includes understanding  aspects of noise spectroscopy in multiphoton quantum optics,  coherent perfect processes   and other forms of mode conversion and symmetries that constrain the thermodynamics of low-dimensional cold atom systems.

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POEM: Photonic, Optical and Electronic Materials Group
The Photonic, Optical, and Electonic Materials Group are YSU Faculty interested in the study of new materials and new applications of materials for photonics, optics, and electronics

Current Grant Support (2016-2019) is as CO-PI (with CWRU) under National Science Foundation NSF DMR-1609077, ``Nonlinear Optical Properties of Organic Cavity Polaritons,''

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Recent Publications , Full CV
Student Co-Authors indicated by "*"

"Electromagnetically Induced Transparency (EIT) Amplitude Noise Spectroscopy," with *B. Whitenack, *D. Tormey, A. C. Funk and S. O'Leary, under review at {\it Phys. Rev. A.}, arXiv 1712.08952 [paper]

"Polylactic acid promotes healing of photodegraded organic molecule," with N. Dawson, *N. Stubs, *M. Bridgewater, *M. Stubbs, A. Kabir, and M. Kuzyk, {\it Opt. Mat.} {\bf 76} 11-15 (2018). [paper]

``Linear Distributed Bragg Cavity Effects on Optical Limiting in Two- and Three-Level Media,'' with *M. Smotzer, *B. Latronica and J. H. Andrews, {\it Jour. Opt. Soc. Am.} {\bf B} vol 33, \#12, E102 (2016). [paper]

"Experimental Realization of Coherent Perfect Polarization Rotation," with C. Zhou and J. H. Andrews, {\it Opt. Lett.} Vol. 41, \#10, pp. 2201-2204 (2016). [paper]

"EIT Intensity Correlation Power Broadening in a Buffer Gas," with *A. Zheng, *A. Green and S. O'Leary, {\it Phys. Rev. A}. {\bf 93}, 043825 (2016). [paper]

"Structure and Symmetry in Coherent Perfect Polarization Rotation," with C. Zhou, J. H. Andrews and M. A. Baker*, PHYSICAL REVIEW A 91, 013845 (2015) [paper]

"Chromatic Control in Coextruded Layered Polymer Microlenses," with T. N. Oder, J. H. Andrews, C. Zhou, Joshua B. Petrus*, Cory Merlo*, Cameron Bagheri*, Connor Hetzel*, James Tancabel*, K. D. Singer and E. Baer, {\it Optics Express} {\bf 22} Issue 24, pp.29668-29678 (2014). [paper]

"Melt-Processed Polymer Multilayer Distributed Feedback Lasers: Progress and Prospects," with J. H. Andrews, K. Singer amd E. Baer, {\it Journ. of Polymer Science} {\bf B} Polymer Science, issue 52(3), pp 251-271 (2014). [paper]

"Thermo-spectral properties of plastic lasers", with Nathan J. Dawson , Michael Aviles* , James H. Andrews, Joshua B. Petrus* , Anthony Mazzocco*, Kenneth D. Singer, Eric Baer and Hyunmin Song, in conference proceedings of {\it SPIE Nanophotonics and Macrophotonics for Space Environments VII}, 25 August 2013, San Diego, California, USA [paper]

OTHER PAPERS. [papers]

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M. Crescimanno, Department of Physics and Astronomy,
Youngstown State University, Youngstown, OH. 44555
330 941 7109 (office) or 330 941 3121 (Fax)
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